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About Breastfeeding Pumps

Breastmilk provides your baby with the crucial nourishment that they need as your little one grows. Breastmilk contains vital nutrients and hormones that formula milk doesn't have.

An award-winning breast pump product for Working Mums!
Mumsnet awarded the MAM Electronic Single Breast Pump with the award for 'Best Breast Pump for 2019'.

Fortunately, for mum's, MAM's range of automatic and manual breast pumps are perfect for keeping milk on-hand when your baby needs it. Our Single or Double breast-pumps are in 2-1, allowing you to switch between manual or automatic pumping. Our packs contain everything you need to pump and store breastmilk conveniently, comfortably and safely.

Our breast pumps are compatible with our full range of Easy Start bottles and food storage containers.