MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles Woodlands Set - Newborn - 5 Piece Set - Matt Linen & Taupe

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Product Highlights

  • Suitable from 0+ Months

  • Accepted by 94% of babies

  • Can be Self-Sterilised in 3 minutes, easy and convenient sterilising on the go

  • Reduces Colic by up to 80%

  • SkinSoft Silicone surface for easy acceptance

  • Extra easy to clean thanks to wider openings

  • BPA and BPS Free

  • Made in Europe

Product Awards
Loved by you and your baby #mambabyuk

Pack Contents

  • 1x 160ml Bottles with Size 1 Teats
  • 2x 260ml Bottles with Size 2 Teats
  • 1x 0-6 month Soother
  • 1x 6-36 month Soother

MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle

  • Contains one 160ml, two 260ml bottles, one 0+ & 6+ soother
  • Features new matt colours, Linen & Taupe & designs with forest animal motifs
  • Progression in bottle and soother sizes
  • Self-sterilising in 3 easy steps
  • Anti-colic properties provide a smooth drinking flow for babies
Colours of Nature - Woodlands Set

Introducing MAM's iconic Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles, the Colours of Nature Woodlands Set, with their cute fox and bunny motifs, features one 160ml bottle, two 260ml bottles, one 0+ month Soother and one 6+ month soother. This set is the first of our sets to feature our exciting new matt colours with forest animal motifs. Created with parents and babies alike at the forefront of MAM’s mind, this set includes everything a growing baby could need. As your little one grows and requires a greater volume of milk, the progression in bottle sizes make for a seamless transition throughout your babies feeding journey, and the inclusion of soother progression furthers this. This set has thought of it all! Simple and safe to use and with the aim of making everyday baby life easier, MAM’s Colours of Nature Woodland Set includes the SkinSoftTM teat which is silky soft and provides a familiar feel for babies. Market research confirms that 94%* of babies accept the teat making it perfect for when mum wants to be a bit more flexible. One of the biggest features parents love about the Easy Start Anti Colic Bottles are their ability to self-sterilise. With no need for a separate bottle steriliser, MAM bottles can be self-sterilised in 3 easy steps, ensuring simple and safe bottle cleaning without hassle. MAM's anti-colic bottles also provide a smooth drinking flow by preventing the formation of air bubbles, reducing colic symptoms in 80%** of babies who use them. (*Market research 2010–2020,tested with 1,572 babies.) (**Consumer study USA 2010, tested with 131 mothers, Medical study of 73 infants with colic symptoms, Austria 2011)

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