Which soother for my baby?
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Which soother for my baby?

Which soother for my baby?

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About Soothers

Called a variety of different names such as soothers, dummies, comforters, or pacifiers, we at MAM see their primary use as something to soothe, calm or settle a baby. The action of sucking soothes babies.

During those first few crucial years, baby often needs to suck on something for comfort when they're awake and not feeding, this is called non-nutritive sucking. Non-nutritive can also help settle a baby to sleep. As they get older and find other ways to soothe themselves, they will need to do this less. Research has also been conducted on soother use and SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and cot death rates, with soother use, drastically lowering the chances of this happening.

Babies can relax in comfort and style because MAM soothers are created by designers and developed together with dentists and orthodontists. The MAM SkinSoftTM teat feels completely soft and familiar, just like a mother's skin which makes switching between breastfeeding and bottle especially easy. With a proud 94% acceptance rate*, it is designed on a mother's nipple, with a symmetrically shaped teat, meaning they are always in the right position. Because babies grow quickly, MAM Soothers come in three sizes ideal for healthy jaw and teeth development.

The MAM 0+ Soothers are ideal up to the age of 6 months as they offer a smaller teat and shield for younger babies. The MAM 6+ Soothers are suitable from 6 months of age until one year as they provide a larger teat and shield than the 0+ range but a smaller teat than MAM's 12+ soother range. The MAM 12+ Soothers being the largest of the MAM teats are ideal for older babies to use from 1 year of age until soother use stops.

MAM's range of dummies offers both latex and silicone, which both have substantial benefits as soother materials. Silicone does not age, has no taste and is slightly harder than latex. Latex is the more bite resistant of the two, with silicone, which although bite-resistant must be thrown away as soon as the first bite marks appear. If you think your baby may need a soother material that is more bite-resistant then maybe latex would be the better choice for you! Latex is also a naturally grown product, giving it pure and natural qualities which many parents value.

The MAM soothers come packed in a convenient steriliser box they can be sterilised in 3 minutes in the microwave without the need of a separate steriliser. Perfect for parents on the go, this makes it easier to keep your soothers clean while out and about. By using our self-sterilising method, you can reduce your CO2 emissions by 77%** compared to other methods.

(*Market research 2009–2017, tested with 1,508 babies)
(** Global product Carbon Footprint study, Austria 2013 conducted by denkstatt