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About Sterilisers

For the first year, your baby's digestive system is super sensitive, and to avoid any tummy upsets you'll need to sterilise your baby feeding equipment using a microwave or electric steam steriliser.

Once you've washed and cleaned your breastfeeding pumpsbaby bottlessoothers, lids, teats and bottle accessories and milk and powder storage containers, transfer them into your steriliser where bacteria's killed with high-temperature steam.

If you're on the move and are looking for a portable baby steriliser, the MAM Microwave Steam Steriliser can hold up to 6 bottles and sterilise in as little as 5 minutes. This steriliser also acts as a cold water steriliser, if required.

Cold Water Sterilising vs Electric Steam Sterilisers

Electric steam sterilisers are usually powered by a metal plate which heats to produce steam and is a highly effective way to kill bacteria without additional chemicals required. A cold water steriliser uses cold water and a sterilising solution to kill 99.9% bacteria.

Multi-Purpose 6-in-1 Steriliser

Our Electric Steam Steriliser not only ensures your baby's bottles are left sterile for up to 48 hours, but it also can act as a bottle warmer in just minutes and is capable of defrosting and heating baby foods.

Best Sterilisers for Newborn Babys

Put to the test by LBP (Loved By Parents), our Electric Steam Steriliser was rigorously tested, reviewed and voted Best Baby Steriliser at the 2020 awards.