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About Teethers

Red cheeks, sore gums, and dribbling is a stressful time for parents and baby. MAM's designers have worked closely with dentists to ensure that our chewing toys for teething baby are to stimulate and soothe their tender gums when their first teeth are starting to come through.

BPA and BPS-free, and designed in Europe, our Teethers are designed to the highest safety standards for your baby. Our teethers are also dishwasher safe.

Keep your baby's teethers stay clean and close to hand with our Clips for Soother and Teethers.

Our Bite & Brush Teethers encourage good oral hygiene by gently cleaning baby's first teeth as they chew and providing relief by massaging baby's gums.

Our Cooler Teether contains five different structures for different biting pressure and a water-filled element which can be cooled down by popping them in the fridge to provide further relief to your baby's itchy gums.

Product Safety Award Winner for Teethers

MAM received a Special Mention for exceeding product safety standards in our soothersbottles and cups at the EU Product Safety Awards 2019.