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To claim your free samples bottle please click the link below to sign up to the Boots Parenting Club. Once registered you will receive an email from Boots with a voucher and how to claim your bottle. Please note the voucher will not be received straight away Boots send out emails once a week.
(This offer is available for those who are currently pregnant or have a baby up to 3 months old)

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MAM Easy Start Anti Colic Bottle

  • 94% of babies accept the MAM SkinSoftTM Teat (Market research 2010-2020, tested with 1,572 babies)
  • Unique Self Sterilising function - ideal for on the go!
  • 80% less colic and regurgitation thanks to the vented bottle base - for relaxed feeding
  • All MAM bottles are made from materials free of BPA and BPS 
Perfect bottles

'I bought anti-colic self-sterilising 160ml bottles for my newborn daughter. They are fabulous. They are the absolutely right choice. They are very easy to use and sterilise. And above all, they are true to anti-colic feature.'

Developed with medical experts, designers, and mums.
Right from the beginning, MAM products are developed in cooperation with medical experts and research institutes such as ICMRS, paediatricians, developmental pedagogues, dentists and midwives. Only after approval by medical experts is a MAM innovation ready for baby life.

The MAM Easy Start anti-colic bottle can be taken apart and then assembled in three easy steps and sterilised in the microwave quickly and easily without a separate steriliser, making it suitable for when you're on the go.

How does the smart self-sterilising function work?
Simply heat the bottle in the microwave with 20ml of water and in 3 minutes it’s done. We know that with this self-sterilising function there is no need to pack additional big sterilisers when travelling or taking extra bottles in your change bag when going out for the day. So parents can be ready for anything: visiting relatives, travelling or meeting friends.

The patented vented base of the MAM Easy Start Anti Colic bottle ensures that babies can drink calmly and relaxed. The ventilation holes in the base regulate pressure balance and airflow and as the bottle ventilates via the bottom, milk flows undisturbed without air bubbles, feeding without interruption. Market research and medical studies suggest that the enhanced vented base reduces colic symptoms in 80%* of babies who use it. The result means no more air swallowing, more relaxed drinking and more quiet nights.

*Field study, Austria 2011, tested with 73 mothers of colicky babies/Market research, USA 2010, tested with 35 mothers of colicky babies.