MAM Baby Frequently Asked Questions

Oral Care

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When should you start cleaning children's teeth?

Thorough oral hygiene starts when a child is born. To begin with, the MAM designers have developed the innovative Oral Care Rabbit.

This soft fabric cloth cleans baby’s mouth and gets baby used to a daily oral hygiene routine. Healthy children’s teeth thanks to the smart MAM Oral Care series: It guarantees perfect care – in tune with baby’s development at all times.

Which toothbrush is most suitable for babies?

The Training Brush is perfect for caring for baby’s first teeth. Short, rounded bristles and a small, round brush head are ideal for baby’s mouth.

For when babies first attempt to clean their own teeth, the MAM designers have developed the First Brush. Training Brush & First Brush: the smart duo for healthy children’s teeth!

When should babies first visit the dentist?

Once the baby is six to eight months old, the first teeth begin to come through. This is the ideal time for a baby to pay the first visit to the dentist. Healthy teeth development can then be regularly monitored in consultation with the dentist.

Do babies need toothpaste?

A baby’s teeth should ideally be attended to once a day, and small children’s teeth should be brushed twice a day using toothpaste which has a neutral taste and contains fluoride (500 ppm of fluoride).

It is very easy to measure out the right amount of toothpaste with the MAM toothbrushes: Simply apply toothpaste to the pink bristles only and you will have the right amount of toothpaste on the brush.

Do MAM products contain plasticisers?

No. MAM products do not contain any plasticisers.
MAM only ever uses materials which satisfy the highest demands and safety standards. This means that MAM products guarantee that babies enjoy the best start in life.