MAM Baby Blocked Nose Decongester - Newborn - Blue

SKU: PRM0001

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Nasal Decongester gently clears baby's blocked nose
Babies suffering from a runny or blocked nose have difficulty breathing because they only breathe through their nostrils during their first few months. With the Nasal Decongester annoying nasal secretions can be gently and painlessly removed.

Easy and safe to use
The Nasal Decongester makes it easier for your baby to breathe without any side effects. The very soft silicone tip is made to the shape of baby's nose and makes insertion into the nostril simple and gentle, without risk of injury. The extracted secretion is easily visible through the transparent silicone tip. The ergonomic and functional design allows for easy and safe handling for parents, and the recessed grips provide for a comfortable hold.

Easy to Clean 
For cleaning, the
Nasal Decongester can be easily and quickly taken apart. For Hygienic and space saving storage, we recommend that you insert the silicone tip downwards into the base of the Decongester.

Suitable from birth

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